How You Can Research, Brainstorm & Write
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Have a Brand New Nonfiction Book
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in a Single Weekend!

The No Fuss, Hassle-Free Method
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Dear Book Author,

  • Do you struggle to find topics to write about in your books?
  • Are you at a loss deciding what kind of information you should include in your book?
  • Do you wrestle with uncovering the research you need to strengthen your topic?
  • Do you find it challenging to put together your research in a way that ensures that you will be able to write an awesome book?
  • Do you find yourself lost when it is time to write a book description that will sell your nonfiction books?
  • Do you find it difficult to write a nonfiction book that will win the hearts and minds of your readers?
  • Does it take the wind out of your sails when no one leaves good reviews on your book?
  • Do you worry about how to create better quality content so that you can sell more books?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should keep reading, because I am going to help you eliminate all doubt and despair from your nonfiction writing activities.

This Unique & Powerful Writing System Will
Forever Change How You Create Nonfiction Books

Bill Platt here. If you already know me, you know that I worked as a freelance writer for more than a decade.

From the beginning, I was a prolific writer. However, even with my gift for gab, I was only capable of producing 2,000 to 2,500 words per day.

Then 8 years ago, I discovered a writing system that forever changed the way I write.

Suddenly, I was able to write 800 to 1,000-word article in just 20 minutes, and when I sat down to create reports or books, I was able to crank out roughly 15,000 words per day!

Over the years, I have created several 45k to 50k word manuscripts in just 3 days each time.

What I once thought was an impossible dream was now within my reach every day.

I Can Write A Book 7-Times Faster Than Before…
But What Good Will It Do If The Results Suck?

How often have you told yourself that if you write your books faster, you will have to sacrifice quality to make that a reality?

I used to think the same way myself.

However, when I discovered this writing system, I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that not only was I creating my books and reports 7-times faster than I could before, but I was actually producing a better quality product as a result.

This Is Important, So Let Me Repeat What I Said…
Not Only Was I Writing Faster, I Was Also Producing Better Quality!

I know this is a bold claim, and I realize that you may not be able to see in your mind’s eye yet how writing faster results in a better book, but I assure you, it is true.

And, if you find that I let you down on this promise, I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee on this product. More on that in a minute.

How Would You Like To Finally…

  • See Sales Coming Into Your Kindle or Other Book Publishing Accounts? – You Need A High Quality Book For That!
  • Make More Money Per Hour Of Writing? – Produce A Book In Less Than 72 Hours, and It’s Yours!
  • Have A Long Term, Sustainable Income?

“72-Hour Nonfiction Books”

72 Hour Nonfiction Books

This Is More Than a Writing Strategy… It Is a
Complete & Easy-to-Replicate Writing System

When I say that this is a complete writing system, I am not at all pulling your leg.

In this 42-page PDF, you will learn:

  • How to do better research;
  • How to complete your research more quickly;
  • How to improve the quality of your research;
  • How to create a flexible working outline (also works for a series of books);
  • How to prepare yourself for fast content creation;
  • How to identify and prevent common “writing errors”;
  • How to increase your credibility with readers;
  • How to incorporate storytelling into your nonfiction writing;
  • How to handle chapter transitions with ease;
  • How to keep people turning the pages;
  • How to create an “outstanding reader experience”;
  • How to ensure that more people will want to leave a positive review on your book;
  • How to find your target audience and make sure those people will want to buy your book.

And Most Importantly – How To Do All Of The Above In Less Than 72 Hours!

This Is Not an Ordinary
“Write Books Fast” Product

I know that you have seen loads of products that promised to teach you how to write books fast.

But, this is one that is very different than any you have seen previously.

Most products of this type are quick strategies to write some type of book that requires little research, little real content, and little thought to produce.

For example, I have seen “write books fast” products that have recommended:

  • Kid’s books;
  • Picture books;
  • Puzzle books;
  • Trivia books;
  • Tip books;
  • Interview books;
  • Ask 10 people their opinion books;
  • Books with Public Domain content;
  • Rewriting PLR content; and
  • Books with curated content.

Fortunately, this product is not going to teach you any of the shortcuts like these that you are used to seeing in a product like this.

Nope. This product is not about “writing books faster” by creating less content.

“72 Hour Nonfiction Books” is all about Creating 30,000 to 50,000 Word, High Quality, Content Rich Nonfiction Books!

We All Know The Real Benefits
of Writing Books Faster:
Making 7 Times More Money Per Hour!

Most people know that writing books faster results in:

  • Higher writing output;
  • More books produced in less time;
  • Quicker access to additional book royalties;
  • Bigger royalty checks; and
  • Higher job satisfaction.

When most people consider the issue of making more money in less time, they think to how many more books they will be able to produce.

But let’s just imagine a scenario, if you will…

Let’s say that it takes you, normally, 400 to 500 hours to produce a 50k word book. And let’s pretend you sell 300 copies per month with $2 royalties per sale.

This means in your first month, you will have worked for about 1 dollar per hour!

But, if you cut the time to produce a book down to 72 hours, you’ve increased your earnings to 7 bucks an hour.

It doesn’t end there, though. The earnings on your original investment of time are going to compound much more quickly.

In the first scenario, when it took you 500 hours to produce your book, you will have earned one dollar per hour for the first month of royalties, and two dollars per hour after your second month of royalties. At the end of your first year, you will have earned 12 dollars on hour on your initial investment of time.

In the second scenario, when it took you 72 hours to produce your book, you will have earned seven dollars per hour in your first month, and fourteen an hour in your second month. At the end of your first year, you will have earned 84 an hour for the time you initially spent writing your book.

Since a book now only takes 72 hours to produce, the books start adding up quickly and so does the money!

Of course, there’s more to it than just the money…

Higher Compounded Earnings
Are Just One Benefit Of
Writing A Book In 72 Hours

There are many benefits of writing books faster, many of them financial, but there may be one benefit that you haven’t given much thought…

As a single father of three boys, I think to the higher earnings, but more importantly, I think about my ability to take time off and spend quality time with my kids.

I love that I don’t have to go to a job everyday.

I love that I can set my own work schedule.

I love that I make more money in one year than both of my parents earned as a couple, in any two calendar years combined.

I love that I can do things with my kids that others can only dream about doing…

The bottom line is that when we make more money, we can spend more time with our families and we can afford to do those really special things with them.

When you write more books faster, you can make more money so you can make more memories.

Bold Claims Require Bold Guarantees

With my “72-Hour Nonfiction Books” product, I am offering a No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you decide that I have over-promised what this product can do for you, simply send me an email at my support email address “support [at]”, and I will process a full and immediate refund for your purchase.

Please allow me up to 72 hours to process your refund.

In order to obtain a quick and easy refund, simply contact me at my support email address shown above, and I will process your refund when I see it.

Should you choose to file a dispute with PayPal, instead of allowing me to process a refund through normal channels, then my No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee will become null-and-void, and I will fight your dispute with the intent of winning the dispute.

I don’t mean to seem like a jerk, but filing a dispute with PayPal is unnecessary. And, since disputes imply that I have done something wrong, my agreeing with a dispute indicates that I agree I did something wrong. In the end, disputes hurt my business unnecessarily, because it undermines my credibility with PayPal.

If you want a refund, simply ask for it by sending an email to “support [at]”.

See What Others Are Saying About
“72-Hour Nonfiction Books”

This is worth WAY more than his asking price.
– Rob Howard
It’s better than awesome! It is brilliant! I love it, and I already have too many exclamation marks in this paragraph. :) Great report, Bill.
– Britt Malka
After reading my review copy of '72 Hour Nonfiction Books,' I was so excited about this that I typed this into Bill's Skype chat box...

'This product is FREAKING brilliant! It is your best work yet.'

I am not kidding. He has rock solid advice in there about researching your topic and getting that book written within 72 hours.

He takes you through the exact process to research and compile the information for your book. Then he covers the writing aspect in detail.

Please do not miss out on this.

– Di Heuser
My friend Bill Platt has been a freelance writer for many years. I absolutely love his writing style. Bill has finally written the guide that teaches people his writing system, and I love it.

This is all about going through certain steps in a more efficient way, so that the writing process flows more easily. But the guide isn't just about writing faster. It's about writing GOOD books faster. In order to do that, you need to write things your readers will enjoy.

And that is what really makes Bill's book a stand-out to me. He uses his own guide as a case study/example of things you should and shouldn't do when you write.

Throughout the book, he talks about how to write in a way that will provide your reader with a positive experience, and then he points out exactly where in HIS book he's using those techniques. He also points out places where he feels that he didn't do as good of job.

That to me can be very helpful, because instead of just having a writing "how-to" you are shown the strategies in action.

– Teresa Miller
Over the past week I have been reading and considering a resource written by a familiar kindle author and marketer, Bill Platt. He is actually a bit of a copy writing legend among a group of product creators who serve the self-publishing market that I am part of, so not surprisingly I received a review copy with great anticipation.

(72 Hour Nonfiction Books) is indeed a gold mine of advice that has been tried and tested in the content creation trenches.

First of all, let me assure you, the report alone is not just a glorified sales letter for his membership site, it is a superbly written and thought provoking stand alone how-to guide to producing what Bill calls 'quality content'.

This is the second point that I picked up, you cannot provide an outstanding reader experience for everyone - you must know the specific audience you are writing for. If you know how to dig down and pin point your audience, they will really 'get' where you are coming from, and your books will receive favorable reviews from a hungry and appreciative readership.

Bill teaches how he himself defines his audience (before he even writes a word), and again he uses the report itself as an example. It is not just for everyone, he states, but "this report is for anyone who writes non-fiction books and wants to learn how to create good content in a more reliable and sustainable manner."

If that is you, you will really enjoy what the report reveals, and the toolbox of techniques to improve what you are already doing, or want to do in the huge non-fiction marketplace.

Finally, and this was my favourite part of the report, Bill outlines how he uses the power of story telling, and keeps the flow of a non-fiction book tugging the reader from chapter to chapter so they are left with a sense of having really grasped something of value by the end of the book.

Quite honestly, I can't recommend this one enough.

– David Martin

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72 Hour Nonfiction Books



P.S. With our No Questions Asked, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, the only thing you have to lose is an hour of your time. There are very few things you can do today that would be a better use of your time. So, pick up a copy of "72 Hour Nonfiction Books" for yourself today, so you can see for yourself why so many people are very excited about this product.

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