Fiction Angle?

To be perfectly honest, this site was intended to help non-fiction writers with their research and creating outlines for their books.

But, it struck me along the way that fiction writers may also benefit from this website.

In the Geography section, there is a lot of data about specific locations that could play into helping the fiction writer create more descriptive background settings.

The section on Travel will give you great insight into the tourist destinations that might play a role in your fiction story.

In the Health section, you will find Common Household Poisons that could help you plan your next murder mystery.

You might even consider a murder mystery where your villain uses Common Food Allergies to kill the victim.

Are you looking for a period-specific name for one of your characters? Check out the Common First Names for boys and girls, sorted by decade, from the 1880’s to the 2000’s.

In the rest of the website, there are individual facts that once discovered can add some real flavor to a fiction story.

I don’t know. I am just a guy who loves writing non-fiction. And, I am just now beginning to dabble a little bit in fiction.

I have given “sneak peek” access to some prominent fiction writers.

One replied saying:

I browsed the site and it’s brilliant. While the information is tremendously useful for nonfiction writers, I think it your information can save fiction writers many research hours. It’s also a great resource for plot elements.

Really, if a fiction writer can’t spot at least five story ideas per category at your site… maybe they aren’t suited to fiction. * LOL *

If you are a fiction writer, let me know what you think about this. I am open to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Bill Platt

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