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Incredible New Resource Eliminates
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the Most Painful Part of Book Creation,
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Does the Word “Research” Fill You With Fear
and Dread? If So, You’ll Be Happy to Hear…

We’ve Done the Hardest Part
of Book Authoring For You…

Dear Author,

There is ONE WORD that makes most book authors absolutely sick to their stomachs…

The word I’m talking about is: RESEARCH.

For years, the mere mention or thought of this word has turned my bowels to jelly. It has inspired fear and kept me down. It’s stolen my focus and made me feel powerless…

And chances are, it’s also prevented you from actually FINISHING a book or three!

But that all changes TODAY.

When it comes to writing, one thing we ALL need is information and details.

Unfortunately, finding the right information can takes hours, days, weeks — even months or years!

It’s tedious, boring and exhausting.

It pulls us away from our most important task (writing) and forces us to wear a “different hat“.

If there’s one thing modern psychology has shown us, it’s that we’re terrible multi-taskers. When we multitask, we simply aren’t as productive.

How To Boost Your Productivity By 2,000%

The secret is simple: Focus on ONE thing at a time.

Do this and your productivity will skyrocket. Obstacles will melt out of your way, the world will bend to your whim and lasers will shoot out of your eyes…

Look, all I’m trying to say is that focus is power, and doing important but tedious tasks like research could ROB you of this essential energy.

Without focus you’re like a rudderless ship, being tossed in a frothing sea.

I am sure you have experienced this, just as I have, and just as most writers have.

How many times have you had a great idea that turns into an overwhelming nightmare, when you actually sit down to do the work?

What if somebody offered to take a huge portion of your workload and DO IT FOR YOU, for pennies on the dollar?

Would you be interested in leveraging the time and talent of an entire team of trained professionals for a fraction of their real cost?

Get All The Details You Need

Whether you are a nonfiction or a fiction writer, you need to do quality research, in order to ensure that you can produce quality content in your books.

For the nonfiction author, you need to know what you are going to write about, and you need to know the details of your topic, so that you can write in a lot more detail and much more quickly.

For the fiction writer, it is important to do research to uncover the details that will add real depth to your story, such as:

  • Story settings;
  • Character names;
  • Plot elements;
  • And more…

For those folks publishing “low-content, no-content” books, such as journals, puzzle books, coloring books and picture books, you will find loads of inspiration for your book projects, such as:

  • Easily find fun facts to create puzzles like crosswords and word finds for all age groups;
  • Tap into tips and facts fast for powerful journal prompts;
  • Quickly discover themes and connections that make great low content book topics;
  • Allow you to easily create followup books on similar topics…

How Many Of Your Writing Projects
Have Been Delayed or Abandoned
Because Your Research Took Too Long?

I have been were you are at…

I make money when I produce great books and products, not when I am doing research.

Although research is absolutely necessary to help me create great content, I cannot always afford to set aside a lot of time for research.

For example, I had researched a particular writing project a couple years back. After spending ten days doing the research, I needed to get back to the business of making money. So, I delayed that project for a few weeks.

Although it was not my intent to do so, that project ended up being delayed for more than one year. After 18 months of sitting on my hard drive uncompleted, I finally found the time to get back to this writing project.

When I got back to the project, I did three more days research, then wrote the book that is currently published on Amazon Kindle under a pen name.

I hate to admit it, but I still have a number of unfinished writing projects sitting on my computer, waiting for me to finish the actual research phase of those projects.

There Had To Be A Better Way

I knew that there had to be a better way… I knew it!

In 2008, I discovered a writing system that has helped me immensely over the years…

The writing system relied heavily on the research that I was able to do on my topic, in advance of sitting down to write.

Although I had developed a very specific approach to gather the research quickly, the research itself still takes a lot of time…

With the writing system, the goal with the research is to pick a topic, then gather a bullet point list of sub-topics related to the main topic. Once a list is built, you can be more selective about which points you want to cover and in what order, allowing you to build a better outline and to write your content more quickly.

After extensive planning and a tireless effort to find the best researchers money could buy, I was able to start developing this program to provide a “Done-For-You Research” resource.

How Would You Like To Finally…

  • Have a central place where you can go to find the research you need to make your books better?
  • Have one place where you can find in-depth information about a single topic?
  • Find a depth of information important to your writing projects?

Although this program was developed specifically for nonfiction authors, fiction authors have found it to be an awesome and invaluable resource that they use regularly.

Introducing “Non-Fiction Bullets”

7-Day Trial Membership Available for Just $7.95
On Monthly and Annual Service Plans


For Nonfiction Authors…

This program will allow nonfiction writers to:

  • Brainstorm new topics that you might want to cover in a future book;
  • Get advanced insight & details into most any topic you might desire to tackle;
  • Acquire a depth of research that you can use to create an outstanding book outline;
  • Pick and choose the details that you would like to include in your book;
  • Arrange your details in various ways to help you create follow-up books in a series;
  • Discover additional information related to your main topic in other lists, that you can use to develop supporting materials;
  • Dig deeper into the data, with some lists that link to external websites where you can find more detailed information;
  • And more…

For Fiction Authors…

This program will allow fiction writers to:

  • Quickly decide new character names (We have 14,000 male names and 14,000 female names, sorted by decade. And, we have documented 150,000 last names);
  • Uncover interesting facts about the localities used in your stories (most countries included);
  • Discover popular attractions in the locations mentioned in your stories (most countries included);
  • Explore common household poisons that might help you develop your next murder mystery;
  • Identify foods or plants that cause allergies – can be used for accidental poisoning or murder;
  • Learn which foods are most common by season of the year, so that your characters can help describe the season by their food choices;
  • Reveal the herbs, spices and foods that promise health benefits, to pack your cozy mysteries with information that can inspire your readers;
  • And much more…

For Low-Content, No-Content Book Authors…

This program will allow book authors to:

  • Discover word lists that can be used to create your crossword and word-find puzzles;
  • Uncover new clues for your crossword puzzles;
  • Dive deep into Biblical information lists to put together books for the Christian market;
  • Find related foods that may lay the foundations for a food-related picture book;
  • Reveal certain foods that may help people improve their health, so that you can create themed cookbooks and cooking journals;
  • Provide lists of foods that guide people to making good food choices to help with certain physical ailments;
  • Detail the health benefits of certain vitamins in a person’s diet;
  • Create food journals that remind readers about certain foods, herbs and vitamins;
  • Design picture books identifying travel destinations, as detailed in the research;
  • Uncover the details that will help you build travel books with facts about certain states in the United States;
  • Build lists that will support your nonfiction children’s books;
  • Identify animals to use in your children’s books;
  • Locate and brainstorm themes for your puzzle books for kids;
  • Gain insight on designing educational workbooks for children;
  • Develop history-related fact books based on knowledge gathered within this website;
  • Gather facts that you can use as top-of-the-page content in journals you produce;
  • Publish calendar books that add noteworthy facts to each page;
  • Spice up diaries and journals with a wide-range of information that will help your books stand out in the marketplace;
  • Brainstorm new ideas for books that you haven’t thought of yet;
  • And much more…

Would You Like a Sneak-Peek?

Video Preview Updated January 2017
As of January 2017, there are
1509 published pages within this site

The following images will give you a good idea of what you will find on the inside…

Materials valuable to nonfiction authors:

Materials useful to fiction authors:

Our Team of Researchers
Will Save You Time & Money

There is nothing remarkable about what we do…

In fact, if you have the time and money, you could probably do what we do, with extra emphasis on TIME!

If you want to spend several thousand dollars a month hiring people to do your research, that is your prerogative to do.

If you want to spend several hours, days or weeks to research topics on your own, that is your decision to make.

However, if you would prefer to use the research we have already gathered for you, so you can focus your time on writing, then you will absolutely want to choose the membership option that will work best for you.

We Offer Several Membership Options

7-Day Trial Membership Available for Just $7.95
on Monthly and Annual Service Plans
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$119.95 Annual Membership Save 44%
$299.95 One-Time Payment
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P.S. If you have any questions about this program, drop me a note
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Ponca City, Oklahoma USA

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